With the awarding of the leading contemporary Greek mathematician, Athanasios Fokas, the first official presentation of the Iraklitos Hellenic Philosophical Forum, held at the association’s headquarters in Lavrio, under the auspices of the London Hair Restoration Training Academy, concluded on Wednesday, February 21.
The brilliant event was attended by the founder of Iraklitos and DHI, Konstantinos P. Giotis, together with the board of directors of the association, distinguished scientists and academics such as Prof. of Psychiatry EKPA Charalambos Papageorgiou, Prof. of Philosophy Panagiotis Damascus, Prof. Andreas Giannopoulos, plastic surgeon Vassilis Michalopoulos, Solid State Physicist Konstantinos Tsoukalides, the mayor of Lavreotiki Dimitris Loukas as well as members of the medical and administrative staff of DHI Global Medical Group.
The attendees had the opportunity to take a tour of the headquarters of the Hellenic Philosophical Forum which, among other things, includes museum rooms dedicated to history, philosophy, arts, nature and technology as well as a specially designed space for lectures, presentations and corporate events.
During the event, the holder of the chair of nonlinear mathematics at the University of Cambridge and member of the Academy of Athens, Athanasios Fokas, captivated the audience with his presentation, on the topic: “Optics, Perception, Light and Giacometti’s Deep Insight” while a dialogue between the participants followed. In fact, the leading academic’s presentation was broadcast live around the world via Zoom.

It is worth noting that now, the Hellenic Philosophical Forum Iraklitos, is officially housed in one of the most historic buildings of the city of Lavrio, which dates from the end of the 19th century and has been declared preserved by the Ministry of Defense. Since 2023, the use of the imposing neoclassical has passed into the hands of the founder of Iraklitos, Konstantinos Giotis, who, guided by his love for ancient Greece, philosophy and nature, has transformed it into an unquenchable beacon of knowledge and creation with an ultimate goal the Eudaimonia.